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OPYN Hair Serum - 1 oz

LOVE, Organic Argania Spinosa (Argan) Oil, Organic Ricinus Communis (Castor) Oil, Organic Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Oil, Organic Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Organic Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Sweet Orange) Oil, Organic Canaga Odorata (Ylang Ylang) Oil, Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Oil

This USDA Certified Organic Hair Serum is FIVE products in one! Use this SAFE, multi-purpose, lightweight oil AFTER styling with drying and frying equipment: 1. To tame frizz and fly aways 2. To create the appearance of stunning shine and control 3. The oils help moisturize each layer of the hair instantly making it appear healthier, silkier, and shinier 4. The ultralight, never-greasy, alcohol-free formula can be used directly on your scalp as a soothing treatment for dry, itchy, flaky and irritated craniums 5. MEN, this is a cult favorite for face, hair, aftershave and cologne, all-in-one! Put a few drops in your palms and massage onto hair, face and neck and VOILA - you are out the door!

Safe and effective for everyone in the family regardless of age, gender, or hair type. YES, we thought of everything so you can save TIME, SPACE, DOLLARS and the PLANET!  

After hair has been dried and styled: Start with 2 small drops and warm in palms, inhaling deeply. For defrizzing, adding shine and controlling flyaways, start at the ends of the hair and work your way up with a light touch. Wherever you see frizz or fly aways apply directly to that location - a little goes a LONG way so go slow. Use more as needed with a light touch. For scalp treatment, use while hair is dry, apply and massage all over scalp. Leave in for an hour before washing.

  • MADE with 100% LOVE!
  • Made in the USA in New York City
  • A Minority Woman-Owned Business
  • Made using 100% Renewable Wind Energy
  • USDA Certified Organic materials ONLY that support small farmers
  • Manufactured in an FDA-Registered Facility
  • Packaging that is Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable and/or Biodegradable
  • Free of: Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides, Phthalates, Sulfates, Artificial “Fragrance”, Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, 1,4-Dioxane and Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, Ethoxylates, Toxic Minerals, Heavy Metals, Silicone, Preservatives, GMO's, Synthetics, Gluten
  • Never tested on animals but tested for safety, compliance, stability, and quality by a third party
  • Authenticity and Transparency
  • All ingredients are listed in plain English - who speaks Latin?
  • Simple, straightforward, multipurpose products made from pristine raw materials that cause no harm to the environment or end user
  • Premium value for price, luxury should be inclusive not exclusive
  • Products that actually DO what they claim
  • Affordable and accessible to as many consumers as possible anywhere in the world as long as I can get it shipped there
  • No Photoshop or manipulation of any pictures or imagery associated with the products or brand

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