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Why OPYN? I was going through a protracted divorce after 20 years of marriage and had lost nearly everything, my home, my car, my business. At age 42 I was forced to decide how I would be able to support my young daughter and model financial independence and stability while doing work that mattered to me and aligned with my principles and passion. Once I made the decision, I used all of my savings and retirement and sold all of my personal property: clothing, jewelry, furniture and anything else of monetary value. I took small loans from my Mother and two of my lifelong friends that believe in me and my product and brand philosophy and got to work in my lab.

"I was so impressed with Manveena's exceptional knowledge of the Cosmetics Industry and her very thoughtful perspective on how she saw the industry evolving over the next several years." -David Nass, VP Global Finance and Strategy, The Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

After seeing the staggering cancer statistics increasing daily, allergies developing earlier in children, autoimmune disorders occurring with increasing frequency and presenting earlier, while trying to raise a young daughter safely and healthfully, I knew it was time for a SOLUTION.

Specialists have blamed pollution, second hand smoke, stress, diet, lack of sleep, obesity and lifestyle as obvious culprits. I began to look even closer at what had been under my NOSE my whole career - the SKIN! It is the human body’s largest organ and entry point of everything in our environment. Having a career-long understanding of the raw materials and chemicals used in products for the face, body, hair and environment (candles, room spray), I knew I could do better.

I went to work in my lab on basic, necessary products that I use daily and stripped them of all chemicals and known toxins. I wasn't left with much. I replaced everything using only USDA Certified Organic essential oils and raw materials. I knew that at the very least they would do no harm and smell great. What I didn't know was if they would actually work!

In the beginning, my goal was for my personal use but as I got deeper into the work and research, I understood that there was a huge global need for safe, effective, affordable, multitasking products. I knew I wanted as many people as possible to be able to afford quality for themselves, their families and their homes because the desire for safety, health and well-being is universal. The idea continued to grow. How could I get an effective product to as many people as possible affordably, while maintaining quality and do the least amount of harm to the planet? How could I create products and build a business that was helpful at least and healing at most?

I made a list of my highest aspirations in a product and a brand based on what I saw missing from the current market coupled with what I have learned consumers desire and how to do it as cost effectively as possible. Once again, I stripped down to the essentials in every sector: packaging, distribution, marketing, advertising, public relations, manufacturing and selling so that I could have the highest quality product and pass the rest of the savings on to the consumer, while being as environmentally conscious as possible.

I want to offer an alternative to what currently exists without being judgmental, preachy or righteous. If it resonates and works for you, GREAT! I want people to do what feels right and true for them without being manipulated by sexy imagery, hollow promises, shame, lies and unrealistic expectations.



My Personal Promise for ALL OPYN products:

  • MADE with 100% LOVE!
  • Made in the USA in New York City
  • A Minority Woman-Owned Business
  • Made using 100% Renewable Wind Energy
  • USDA Certified Organic materials ONLY that support small farmers
  • Manufactured in an FDA-Registered Facility
  • Packaging that is Environmentally Friendly, Recyclable and/or Biodegradable
  • Free of: Pesticides, Fungicides and Herbicides, Phthalates, Sulfates, Artificial “Fragrance”, Parabens, Triclosan, Propylene Glycol, 1,4-Dioxane and Formaldehyde, Petrochemicals, Ethoxylates, Toxic Minerals, Heavy Metals, Silicone, Preservatives, GMO's, Synthetics, Gluten
  • Never tested on animals but tested for safety, compliance, stability, and quality by a third party
  • Authenticity and Transparency
  • All ingredients are listed in plain English - who speaks Latin?
  • Simple, straightforward, multipurpose products made from pristine raw materials that cause no harm to the environment or end user
  • Premium value for price, luxury should be inclusive not exclusive
  • Products that actually DO what they claim
  • Affordable and accessible to as many consumers as possible anywhere in the world as long as I can get it shipped there
  • No Photoshop or manipulation of any pictures or imagery associated with the products or brand